Lakeshore Reservation and a short doggy song…

Last weekend we had events planned both days, and would have to leave Chester for several hours Saturday. To make up for it, I took him to one of my favorite places, Lakeshore Reservation, one of the Lake County Metroparks.

Lakeshore Reservation is on Lake Erie. We live about a mile from the lake and it has always been part of our lives. Water grounds me. I love the ocean, the lakes, and couldn’t imagine being landlocked. I look at Lake Erie every morning on the way to work. If you are a Seinfeld fan, you will remember the quote from George, “the sea was angry that day my friends.” Since Lake Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes, it can kick up quickly. Some days it is fierce, white caps blasting over the cement walks and even the street. On Saturday, it was moving, hazy, but not angry. It was going to rain, we could feel it, but we arrived just before it started. It was pretty early for a Saturday, maybe 8:00. Chester and I had a long walk to start the weekend.

I actually like walking in the woods by myself. I listen to everything. At Lakeshore, you can hear the water, the birds, and the wind. The path to the lake wasn’t accessible, the steps just ended. I suppose we could have bushwhacked but I would probably get lost so we didn’t. No matter. We saw some beautiful spring flowers and trees. And, we saw the statues. Lakeshore Reservation has big stone sculptures. I know there is a story; they were designed for the park, but to the kids they were always just something to climb on. This time I actually looked at them more closely. The sculptures are a memorial to the wife of the first park naturalist. There is a giant sundial and several other stone sculptures. Chester was sort of interested but I wouldn’t let him pee on them, so he was ready to move on.

We met three delightful older gentlemen and another dog, Woody. Chester and Woody got along fine and I stopped to talk for a few minutes. I enjoy meeting other park dog walkers.

Anyway, Chester and I made it through most of our park walk but did get rained on. I made up another doggy song. Enjoy..and if you are in the Cleveland area, give Lakeshore Reservation a try. I included some photos for you meanwhile.

Raindrops are falling on my head.

But that doesn’t mean that Chester lets me stay in bed,

We must walk instead


Raindrops are falling on our heads they keep falling

And I am wet…

(sorry that’s as far as I got. Feel free to add verses in the comments if you’re feeling creative..)

Violets at Lakeshore
Lakeshore Reservation in May
Come on mom, let’s go find a bunny!
my lake…

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A classic overthinker trying to age gracefully while living with a big, too smart for his own good shelter pup who must have his daily walk.

7 thoughts on “Lakeshore Reservation and a short doggy song…”

  1. Great photos of a park that was a favorite of ours when the kids were little. They climbed all over the sculptures too.


  2. Verse2:
    So I just did need some pee’in on a rock,
    But Mom told me if I did, there’d be an after shock–
    This isn’t just a rock…..This____
    Is a real statue of a famous park person…….
    So we walked on……😁


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