Working from home and the muzzle war…

Like many others I have been working from home. I’m lucky that my job is largely computer, so I can still work. Monday and Tuesday I resisted and went into the office anyway. We were allowed to if we needed to, and on Mondays I am usually too busy to work with one computer screen. Wednesday slowed down, as usual, and I moved into my home office.

I am beginning to notice some little changes in my routine–things that are sobering in a way. For example, I put my travel mug up in the cabinet, not knowing when I’ll need it next. Our cupboard is full of Tupperware because I haven’t been taking my lunch. I gathered some must haves to keep handy; Burt’s Bees Hemp lip balm, a nail file, my little container of “dream cream” hand lotion. With each one moving to my desk I had the heavy feeling that I’m not going back and even if I do go back, it won’t be the same. Things have weirdly changed.

After ballet, while at college, I took a phys ed credit of modern dance. I tried, but to think that I could do modern dance with a background in ballet is like saying I could play the trumpet with a background in cello. They are both types of dance, but I didn’t realize how different they were, and I couldn’t see or feel modern dance AT ALL. I kept trying to squeeze some ballet moves in and react to the music. Those modern dancers don’t even care about the music! After I had the “final exam” which was to perform a dance I created, the teacher asked me what changed during the dance. I said nothing. She said that the expression of something changes it. Whether for good or bad, once you recognize something, it is changed. At the time I thought she was just being a snooty dance teacher. Maybe she was snooty but she may have had a point.

 I acknowledged the virus’ power 1) by working from home and 2) by making it a functional office. I guess I’m past denial now. I don’t know what the virus will do and I’m a little overwhelmed.  I’m also angry. I generally refuse to get sick. I believe in the power of the mind. I am not sick now, but if the odds are not in my favor, and they don’t seem to be, I probably will be at some point and so will you. I am strong but by acknowledging that I can’t go about my routines, I don’t feel so strong. I guess in this case, with my simple expression of working from home, what changed is me.

Today was better. My husband and I are falling into a new routine. I am learning to live with one tiny computer screen instead of two extra large ones. I still don’t like it, but I am past feeling sad and am moving on. I am renewing my pet integration project by bringing the two cats together. They hissed a couple times today but that was it. We’re making progress! I can do that because I’m working from home. I can sleep in a half hour longer. I go down and make a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon and to be honest have a girl scout cookie with it. I play music without headphones. All in all it’s OK. I’m OK.

Now, on to Chester and the muzzle war. I told you that the first try resulted in Chester running in with it hanging from his neck. I tightened it a little and tried again. The next morning, he was running around the yard but when he came in….no muzzle at all! I had to go out and find it. Muzzle-0, Chester-2. The third time I tried again, tightening it even a little more. Don’t worry, he can still breathe, he’s fine. He came in…and voila! The muzzle was still on! So he may be getting used to it😊 No more dead bunnies. Speaking of bunnies though, we went for a walk this morning and Chester stopped suddenly, staring straight ahead in his “I see a rabbit” pose. Then he backed up a little like he was scared. Below is a picture of what he saw. Oh Chester…

the muzzle

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A classic overthinker trying to age gracefully while living with a big, too smart for his own good shelter pup who must have his daily walk.

2 thoughts on “Working from home and the muzzle war…”

  1. Keep positive . You and John stay well!!
    Even though you are confined to home, thankfully we can still go out with the dogs and work in the yard. Being outside for short periods really helps to make the isolation tolerable
    Take care of yourselves!!


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