Skiing and a doggie song…

Chester is exhausted. Yesterday he spent the day at doggie day camp playing with about 15 other dogs. He thinks it’s his job to make sure everyone is behaving. I was watching on camper cam and he was barking at two dogs that were play wrestling. I could tell because his mouth was moving. Luckily there is not sound on the camper cams because 8 hours straight of barking would be torture. 

Speaking of torture, apparently two prison guards were punishing inmates by playing the song “Baby Shark” over and over. Now if you have not heard Baby Shark, stop reading right now and listen to this link: 

Now you understand. Yes, we as in grandkids and anyone remotely connected, are part of the Baby Shark universe. It is truly a universe, there are many videos and Nickelodeon is reportedly making a tv show. Grandson is going to be daddy shark for Halloween because hey, he’s three, he’s not a baby anymore. I start singing it if you even use the words baby and shark in the same paragraph.  Anyway, I heard the news story about the prisoners being tortured with it right before walking Chester. So Chester was the first one to hear the new doggie song! 

Puppy shark do do do do do do, Puppy shark do do do do do do, Puppy shark do do do do do do

Puppy shark. 

Doggie shark do do do do do do, Doggie shark do do do do do do , Doggie shark do do do do do do  

Doggie shark. 

That’s all I have so far, the lyrics are complicated and require nuance. I fully expect to go global.  

While I was walking Chester for some strange reason I thought about skiing. Water or snow? Doesn’t matter. I have been water skiing once and snow skiing twice. I have the same trouble with each. I was able to “get up” in water skiing, and was able to control myself going down the snow hill (granted it was a bunny hill, which might have been why I started thinking about it…bunnies) Then I got tired. At some point I realized that I was going to have to stop. I didn’t know how. Both times I let myself fall, and it worked out; at least I was uninjured.  I just let go of the rope and sank into the water, and on the snow hill I just sort of slowed down and fell to the side. Believe me, that wasn’t the only problem with skiing but I clearly remember water skiing and thinking, “now what am I going to do?” as I waved at everyone while going around the pond, adjusting my sparkling tu-tu bathing suit and making sure my lipstick was fresh like this..  

Yes, just like that! I was legendary. People came from near and far to see me work my magic on skis.  

I have used the let myself fall method for other experiences too. For example, when the COVID shutdown hit I went from full speed to nothing. I enjoyed it because instead of being too frustrated I let myself fall off the roller coaster. It was a needed rest. Now I’m reluctant to get on again. I’m in limbo. It’s like when I was trying to go back up the snow hill by holding the rope and my hands lost strength. I was stuck with the rope going through my hands holding everyone else up. A guard came up behind me and pushed me up the hill.  

The world seems to have moved on…sort of. People love the phrase “this is the new normal” but if they think there is ever or ever was a normal, they are mistaken. There is no universal “normal” any more than there is a universal favorite ice cream. I have a quote by John F. Kennedy at my office. It says, “History is a relentless master. It has no present only the past rushing in to the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside.” 

My skiing days are through (actually never really started so that’s cavalier). First I am old and not athletic. Second, I can’t seem to get up the hill…when we tried the second time we went up the chair lift and I fell getting off, lying there like a slug in the snow while people cursed at me.  Maybe I need a guard who will come along and push me up. Then I’ll get back on a milder roller coaster. Right now I’m OK being swept aside for a bit.  

My sister called and inquired about a post because I have been slacking. Maybe that was the “guard push” I needed! I’m going to try to write every Friday since you’d have time to read over the weekend theoretically.  

Also, this morning we took Chester to Holden Arboretum. It was so amazing I would hold up Ohio’s fall beauty against anywhere. Below are some pictures of our boy who would not cooperate in posing for photos. He was too busy sniffing. Have a wonderful week! 

What are these?
Beautiful Ohio!
Oh Chester…

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A classic overthinker trying to age gracefully while living with a big, too smart for his own good shelter pup who must have his daily walk.

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