The great stink and Facebook…

I thought I had it all. The last time Chester rolled in that which shall not be named I walked around and found the offending splat. I pulled out grass and picked it up until nothing remained. Then yesterday he did it again. He was lying on the couch and a familiar scent wafted toward me. After groaning and ensuring that the spinach and almond butter smoothie was chased by a jolt of black coffee, I dragged him outside. I placed the accessories to the bath on the deck and pulled him toward the hose. He would not comply but braced his front legs and stared at me. Defiance thy name is Chester. He then slipped his collar and ran onto the deck. After several attempts, I figured if you can’t beat them join them, and pulled the hose onto the deck. I got him to drink out of the hose and poured cat shampoo on him. The label says “I smell purrty”. That was not incentive enough for Chester and he pulled away again. I repeated the process until the purrty shampoo was finally on the unpurrty dog. A few more rubs and he was clean.  I had to take his collar off and wash it too since it had easily identifiable brown spots. He ran around naked as a jaybird. He was not happy with me.

Nope not having it.

I tried to find the culprit in the yard but there was nothing there. I walked around so much I thought I was walking a labyrinth. I could have used a meditative walk, but I was on an ultimately failed mission.

This is either a backyard labyrinth or the groundhogs are at it again.

Sometimes a dawg has to be a dawg. I can’t eliminate every element of scat from the yard forever. Sometimes you just have to clean up the mess on the dog. Just an aside, a cat would never roll in poo. A cat would get between the screen and the window and try to catch and eat a fly, but no, would not roll in poo.

Yes, that’s a Ninja Turtle sticker on the window. Milo doesn’t care. He spent a half hour trying to catch the fly.

Thinking about the poo in the back yard reminded me of Facebook. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook and social media in general. For those who don’t use it, Facebook was out of commission for many hours having users believe they were mistakenly entering another galaxy like in Men in Black when the coroner stares at the galaxy in Orion’s collar. At the same time, there is whistleblower testimony going on that Facebook knew of dangers/incorrect information on the site and didn’t do anything. Since I usually weigh in, here is my pretend testimony…warning, feisty alert!

Get real people. Facebook is a business. Businesses sell lots of things that are harmful to children’s self esteem and health in general, as well as adult health and welfare. Facebook doesn’t care about me and I am OK with that. I struggle with my feelings about using Facebook. I use it and enjoy it; I like the pictures and updates, and it’s a good way to connect with friends (and remember birthdays!)

But I don’t like that I like it.

I know it’s not good information and it does make me feel a little used when I see ads for just what I was looking up minutes earlier. But it is what it is and no more.  For me, social media in general is addicting and not a boost to my mental health. I met one of my Facebook “friends” in person and she didn’t even know me. I had to tell her we were friends. Sad, isn’t it?! But I’m still on it and I hate myself for not being able to just go off it. I’m such a hypocrite…I criticize but post my blog on it!

Here’s the thing; it’s easier for me to blame Facebook than to blame myself.

That’s what I think is happening here. People are trying to blame Facebook because it’s a lot easier than facing up to something they don’t like about themselves. I wish Facebook could fix the issues that we all face, especially children.  I don’t think we can count on businesses to protect us from ourselves though. That’s just not what they do. I guess all we can do is muddle through and try to keep perspective.  

I am going to waste away to nothing without some Milk Bones…

Anyway, Chester survived his ordeal. He dried out by sleeping on the couch in his sunbeam. He is accepting all the “I’m sorry” treats I am giving him. I’m going to have to pick up some dog shampoo though. He told me in no uncertain terms that he does not want to use cat shampoo. We usually take him to the pet store for a bath but no way is he going in my car and stinking it up. Poor Chester. Well, time for lunch. I’m thinking smoothie…

Have a good week!

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A classic overthinker trying to age gracefully while living with a big, too smart for his own good shelter pup who must have his daily walk.

3 thoughts on “The great stink and Facebook…”

  1. Cat shampoo. Oh the indignity, the shame, the mortification. No dog should ever have to bear the horror of cat shampoo. Chester, you have a case – a strong one – to take your DogMom to the DogHague on charges of Canine War Crimes. She’ll try to buy her way out of this by offering Milk Bones and glib apologies but do not settle the case before taking advice of counsel. Other than that, I agree with the Facebook sentiments. I do not use FB and generally consider social media a cancer on the country so if I did a little happy dance when FB et. al. went down (not saying that I did but…”if”) then you can appreciate my schadenfreude.

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