The overlook and a post about nothing…

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! Chester, the other Grammy and I went walking to the Overlook on Girdled Road. We were hoping for a little more fall color, but the weather has been so warm the color seems to have been delayed. We still had a nice time. Chester saw several other doggies and was good as gold, no freak outs! When we got to the overlook, there were two Adirondack chairs there waiting for us.

Also there was a small group of older citizens. Now I know I’m getting to be an older citizen, so it’s not a negative label, just descriptive. They’re probably saying the same thing about the two old ladies and the dog. One of the citizens started a conversation about her son’s dog who apparently looks like Chester but not as much white on his feet. I engaged, and it was quite pleasant.

the overlook

Dogs have a way of starting conversations. They are great ice breakers! Even if someone doesn’t’ have a dog, we have had them say they love dogs and start talking. Are dog people friendlier anyway? This isn’t a pandemic thing (like everything else seems to be now…). It was always like that. Around the neighborhood, we have gone from not really knowing anyone to smiling and waving, knowing them at least by dog ownership. We are Chester’s parents. We know Cody’s parents, the Pitbull’s parents, Sparkles’ mom, Brutus and Jackson’s family, and so on.

I think only in your younger years does anyone know your name. If you have a child, you become “(your child’s) mom.” Then when they grow up, it’s “(your grandchild’s) grandma.” If you have a dog, it’s the same as a child. It’s good for me because I don’t like my name, but I feel sorry for a person who does like their name and never hears it. I think my life would have been different if I was a “Linda” or a “Sue.” I can’t tell you how many times I heard “Martha, Martha, Martha” like in the Brady Bunch only not even correct. Sheesh people, give me a break.  I thought about changing my name some years ago but I thought it would hurt my dad’s feelings. Now I’m older and it would be silly. One of my work friends used to call me “Marty.” He was the only one who did, but it was kind of nice. Then I met a cellist named Martha in the Cleveland Orchestra. And Martha Stewart became cool again. So I guess I can live with it. I’m not Martha anyway, I’m Chester’s mom!

Image result for dog name memes

I began playing the piano for Chester. I can read music but not play while looking at the music so I started playing easy songs with only a few chords. Most of them are hymns, like “Just as I am” or “How Great Thou Art.” I quickly exhausted my hymn repertoire, so played songs Chester could relate to. He seemed to enjoy “Bingo” but wasn’t as fond of “How Much is that Doggie in the Window.” He stared at me lovingly (or longingly, since he probably wanted a biscuit).

Doggie for sale??? Whaaatttt??

He looked so nice in the morning sun! Especially since this is his usual position:

This isn’t a post about much. I’m just enjoying the beautiful almost 60 degree day. Usually I write about what I was thinking about while walking Chester, but Grammy and I talked too much and I didn’t think anything. I can’t write about what I don’t think. Or maybe I can, a post about nothing? Anyway, have a great week, I’m sure this laid-back lull won’t last!

Image result for fall meme
Sorry, couldn’t resist. Hmmm…time for a Starbucks run!

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A classic overthinker trying to age gracefully while living with a big, too smart for his own good shelter pup who must have his daily walk.

2 thoughts on “The overlook and a post about nothing…”

  1. That’s a very pretty spot, Snoop Dog’s Friend. I am of the firm opinion that dog folk are indeed friendlier than your common or garden variety of person. Also, as I reflect on it, in my ‘hood I probably know the names of more dogs than people and I don’t have a problem with that. I’m not much of a hymn guy but at the gym today my music feed offered the Carrie Underwood/Vince Gill version of How Great Thou Art from 2011’s ACM show which (imho) is simply one of the most fabulous performances of that hymn ever done. Maybe Chester would be more impressed if you can get Carrie and Vince to come over to join you.

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