Curling and Mr. Rogers

When I woke this morning I had every intention of writing about the Olympics or the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl, all of which are worthy topics. Unfortunately there was water on the floor of the basement which was traced back to the hot water heater. I tried to dry it up but it was soon apparent that we need a new one. They say it’s not what  you know but who you know, and I am lucky to know the owner of Kish Heating and Cooling. They are going to fix us up today (ON A FRIDAY, is that awesome or what???) and are working out details.  I am waiting, as I can’t really do too much housework (what a shame!).

Whenever I have to wait, I think of Mr. Rogers. My kids were huge Mr. Rogers fans, as was I. Back in the 80s, there was not the children’s programming that exploded in the 90s. There were three basic network channels and PBS. Happily, PBS carried Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. My boys were a little afraid of Sesame Street and it irritated me when the “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,NIIIIIINE, 10″ song came on. It was paired with a psychedelic video of a pinball machine that made my oldest run from the room. But Mr. Rogers was a must-see. He was gentle, like the boys, and a great role model. What I didn’t realize was that he was a musician and played the piano for most of the music. One song that stuck with me was “Let’s Think of Something to Do” while we’re waiting. The lyrics are “let’s think of something to do while we’re waiting, while we’re waiting for something new to do” I went back and listened to it on you tube.

I had forgotten the last words of the verse. While we’re waiting…for what? I would just stop singing until I annoyed myself and I had to know what we were waiting for –it was something new to do. But I digress… All that jazz album documenting paid off! If you listen to the link, you’ll hear a jazz pianist, aka Mr. Rogers!  I couldn’t believe it. Mr. Rogers received his Bachelor of Music and played piano since the age of five according to the Wiki page. He put out some recordings of his music. I think I will attempt to add one more record to the collection which is now numbering over 1200. I’ll make it 1201. I think the “something to do” song was the precursor to multitasking. It’s basic time management. So I am writing this post while I’m waiting, while I’m waiting, for something new to do… and as usual it is digressing a little. My other topics didn’t turn out as planned either.

I planned to write about the Puppy Bowl because I love it but to be honest I’m a little fuzzy on the rules. What is the football? One puppy scored with a pink ball, then another scored with an orange and blue fuzzy thing. Hmmm….a little loose I would say. Almost as if the IOC made the rules… The kitties in the box were doing what most people do in a box at a sporting event…which is not paying one whit of attention to the action on the field. Nonetheless the pups were adorable.  My husband took Chester for a walk so he wouldn’t get jealous and he could avoid my “aww look at that one” comments. I hope they are all winners but puppies usually do pretty well getting homes. Our City Dog Cleveland kennel is full…mostly adult doggies. That’s where we got Chester, the best pup in the world (my humble opinion)! It’s pretty overwhelming. (hint hint, if you are in the market for a pooch…any kennel would love to see your shining face!)

The Super Bowl was a good game. The Olympics chug along with curling, skating drama, bobsled and lots of half pipe stuff. I will come back to the half pipe in a future post but it seems that curling is the big winner. Every time I turn on tv it’s curling. Doesn’t there seem to be a lot of curling?

My favorite curling meme

We in Cleveland have ups and downs with weather. I had left an orange Home Depot bucket on the deck. Snow collected, melted, then froze. My husband turned it over and this is what came out:

Chester is looking for an opponent

It’s a perfect curling stone! I was going to arrange a match with the husband and grandkids but alas, the weather gods of Cleveland weather graced us with a 50 degree day. Here’s what happened:

Picture 1, 8:00am
Picture 2, 2:00pm…Chester is yawning
6:00pm and Chester is not eager to go outside in the rain.

Today it’s snowing again. And the curling stone has curled it’s last. So here I sit thinking of Mr. Rogers and humming “let’s think of something to do while we’re waiting.” Chester is happy about the snow, although he was happy in the mud too. His hot spot hasn’t healed but he got to go to the vet again and get more medication. This time they gave him peanut butter. It looks like it’s starting to come around. Snow or no snow, the days are getting longer. Spring will be here before we know it! Have a great week!

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A classic overthinker trying to age gracefully while living with a big, too smart for his own good shelter pup who must have his daily walk.

10 thoughts on “Curling and Mr. Rogers”

  1. A great plethora of topics with some lovely muzak-well done. Chester would probably do better than the US curling team (who lost to Team Canada in the bronze match and can now hit the road with their Barber Shop Quartet routine). We enjoyed the Puppy Bowl. The rules are a little loose but when you see the joy of a young pup racing away from another pup with any toy in its mouth, who cares? So many dogs needing homes; we’re glad they use this venue to showcase them. The fact they included a number of physically challenged pets was even more heartwarming. Hope the water heater gets resolved quickly. I just KNOW you’re dying to clean-just like me. 🤣 Have a great weekend.


  2. I noticed they had a one-eyed puppy…Milo our cat has one eye so that was cool! I also love the water cam:) and I have a soft spot for Snoop and Martha. Especially when Snoop’s doggie was very Chester-like on the in and out flags…Chester would not have done well with those either! It was fun:)

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  3. I didn’t see the puppy bowl this year, but find that your questions about the rules are good ones. Who knows what’s really going on there! As for your Home Depot bucket ice cube, I’m impressed. You couldn’t make one that perfect on purpose. I say little about curling because once upon a time I made a joke about it and people did not like it. Curling fans are devoted to watching and defending the honor of the sport, I tell you.


  4. The bestest part of Snoop and Martha is that she is the convicted felon of the pair. Who’d a thunk. Anyway I’m sitting here feeling very deprived. I’ve never see a Mr. Rogers show and never seen an episode of Sesame Street, missed the Puppy Bowl and am ignoring 90% of the Olympics. The Super Bowl was good though.

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    1. The best Sesame Street is called put down the duckie. That one i enjoyed so much I bought a vhs tape of it… and still have it! Its on youtube and I introduced my grandkids to it also. It’s just a song with alot of celebrities participating… jane curtain, tommy tune, paul simon, etc. and ernie of course.

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  5. My Max had a hot spot that took like a month to heal – antibiotics and a wash every couple of hours with this weird blue stuff. I think I was more miserable than he was, I felt so bad for him. I didn’t watch a bloody thing on Stooper Bowl Sunday, my nose was in a book all day. I think I would enjoy curling, though

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  6. I’ve never watched the Puppy Bowl but I did watch the Super Bowl. I didn’t care who won although I was rooting for the Bengals. For me, it was all about the snacks! I didn’t let my girls watch Sesame Street because I found it annoying. I don’t think they watched much of anything. Winnie the Pooh videos perhaps? Water on the floor and through the ceiling–I’ve been dealing with that since Thanksgiving. Not fun at all.


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