The hardware store and jumping on the Titanic

We used to have a hardware store. Not a box store, although we do frequent those. No, this was the old-timey type of store. It had about three or four old guys working there who could find anything, and a couple high school kids. Anything you could ever imagine you would need was in this store. Boxes and bins of nuts, screws, bolts and washers. There was a paint section that I most often used. It had spray paint, wall paint, house paint, and probably finger paint. There was a key shop with fluorescent key guards, different key chains, and keys with Cleveland sports teams on them. It had a plethora of choices in every little nook and cranny.  It was named Major True Value but we just said, “the hardware store”. It was about 3 minutes from our house. I can’t count the number of times we would start a project then realize we needed something and run to True Value (sometimes more than once!) It had been there forever. Then came the strip club.

The strip club was on the right, True Value on the left, same building. Only a wall separated them. If you were looking for a mop you could clearly hear the boompity-boomp music through the wall and imagine the activity. I’m not sure when, but someone must have complained because a couple years later the music was turned down a little. Of course it probably depended on the crowd and who was dancing. I didn’t notice it as much, but I am getting old and hard of hearing so make of that what you will. I don’t know how many people protested the strip club or how vigorous the protesting was…I guess there was some. It didn’t have much of an impact and eventually petered out. The two businesses coexisted with one name change, then it went back to the original name, all taken in stride. The male patrons who were interested probably figured “going to the hardware store” was a truthful destination.  A win-win if you will.

Kind of dismal day but it looks better than it did… It has received a new coat of paint. Unlike the building on the left.

Sadly, someone set the strip club on fire. The guy at the nearby gas station who always is willing to shoot the breeze, said there was a lot of smoke and water damage. That was in 2017 but it seems like a lot longer. The paper said it was arson but I never heard if the person was caught. The True Value was closed (obviously the strip club as well) and the building remained empty. Recently there was some activity spotted, and it looks like there is a baseball facility and fitness center moving in. I hope they do well but I do miss the True Value. A good hardware store is hard to find.

This came to mind over the last couple days because I painted the stair walls and hallway. Chester was getting in the way as usual and my husband asked if he was lying on a wall I just painted. I said no, but somehow he managed to get paint on his back. ??? I don’t know. At least he has some white on his feet so it’s kind of natural looking. I’m trying to get it off but it’s sticky stuff. Oh well.

Oh Chester….

I’m painting now because I am going to be taking part in a production of Titanic the Musical (not related to the movie) so my summer will be busy. There is a charming theater out here that is a theater in a barn. Rabbit Run is the name. Its shows are top notch productions.  I have auditioned there many times to no avail, but I guess this time the part was right. I’m going to be playing Ida Strauss. We have a lot in common; she died when she was one year older than I am, she was married for 40 years (me too) and her husband owned Macy’s (I shop at Macy’s!) To say I’m excited would be a gross understatement. I’m so grateful to be able to take part in this and I am completely humbled by the talent in the show. The director did mention something about wool costumes in July, but he didn’t seem too concerned so I’m not either! If you are in the area, here is the info.

What else has Chester been doing? Drinking water off the deck.

Why??? He has a full water dish. Sometimes I wonder about that dog, maybe it’s spring fever! I guess I’ll take him through the CVS drive through—they’ll give him a biscuit. He stares them down until they weaken!

Yep, this is the stare!

Have a good week!

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A classic overthinker trying to age gracefully while living with a big, too smart for his own good shelter pup who must have his daily walk.

9 thoughts on “The hardware store and jumping on the Titanic”

  1. I remember True Value hardware stores, but they’re no longer around here. The ones I remember weren’t beside a strip club. Talk about your destination location!

    Good luck with your theater experience this summer. It’s fun to begin to read about people going back to doing group things again. It’s been a long two years.

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  2. Enjoy your show!
    I miss those old hardwear shops and the men in brown warehouse coats who knew where everything was…and you did not have to buy a whole packet of stuff when you only wanted one item…
    I swear that paint leaps from the walls to the hair of any passing dog…

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  3. Years ago I used to own a small town hardware store (Gambles) which satisfied my love of hardware. I’d rather walk the narrow isles and check out all manner of hardware paraphernalia than any other kind of shopping. I smiled just reading about the one you described. Big box stores just aren’t the same.

    Here’s hoping you (and Chester) finish up that paint project. P.S. You might have some luck removing the paint on him with a bit of Avon’s Skin So Soft-that stuff is magic on removing things like that and shouldn’t hurt his fur or skin.

    Have fun with your musical production. Sounds like a rousing good time.


    1. Thanks for the Avon tip! I use it for mosquitoes but never heard of the paint trick! There’s something about buying something for a house refresh that makes me happy. Office supplies too, even though so much is on the computer!

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      1. It may or may not work but certainly worth a try. 🤞🏻 It removes grease like nothing else (and yup…keeps the skeeters at bay too).

        I’d rather buy/do something for the house than just about anything. 😊

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  4. The hardware store in my town was where the mayor worked – his younger brother was chief of police. The first time I took my not yet husband there, he said, “I’ve landed in Mayberry.” Well, almost, but no one screeched like Aunt Bea in my presence!

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