Grandma Camp

This has been such a busy two weeks! From Grandma Camp to the Lake County Fair, with old car stuff thrown in, we have been running! I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking but don’t worry, Chester got his share of excitement.

Chester recovering from a busy week

Lake County, Ohio is a wonderful home. It would also be a wonderful vacation spot! We did things I have not done in 30+ years living here, and there was more we wanted to experience, just didn’t have the time.

The week started out with a program at the Metroparks. There is a group called “Lakeshore Live Steamers” that resides at one of the parks and offers free rides for kids AND adults! This was a scheduled program so my husband rode with Grandkid #2 who was enrolled. Grandson #1 has ridden before. I have not, but it is now on my bucket list. Now I have to get my sister…wait for it…”all aboard”!

The horses’ heads move in and out when the train runs.

The Lake County Fair is something we go to every year. For the past couple of years we drove the Model A in the opening day parade. Last year we didn’t buy enough candy (or threw too much depending on who is telling the story). This year I guess I went overboard because we have some left.

There was a dog groomer who played “Who Let the Dogs Out” over and over again. Luckily we were not directly behind them.

We drove in a long line of As and Grandson #1 rode in the rumble seat. He is a baseball player and had very good aim. I, on the other hand, did not. I was throwing from inside the car and had a frisbee type move. Unfortunately, I aimed one particularly heavy “Tootsie Blow Pop” at a deserving-looking kid. It sailed off in an arc and conked another kid right on top of his head. He looked up like the sky was falling but his dad seemed to think it was funny. I don’t think there was any significant injury. John kept driving. We also gave out mini dog biscuits this year. We would yell “This is for your dog” and let it fly. Some people got it, but a few kids picked them up and looked confused. Chester is happy because we bought too many of them also.

At the actual fair, there was a spot where the cows would hang out. We were standing there and this one walked right up to me.

My new bff

Am I a cow whisperer? Maybe! She was a sweetheart. We ate pizza, Jr. Fair Milkshakes, and Dippin Dots. I avoided the deep fried Oreos and French Fries, sadly. I love the fair, just walking around and looking at the displays, the animals and the games. We didn’t get to see much in our limited time there, we’ll have to stay longer next year.

Lake County has several beaches (to Lake Erie) so we went to the Mentor Headlands State Park. We didn’t know that there was sand sculpting going on! Here is our favorite:

Pretty amazing, right?

Even though the beach was rocky we enjoyed ourselves. It was a beautiful day! Just hearing the waves is relaxing.

I had never been to the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, about an hour’s drive away. They are getting ready for the induction week.

We spent most of a day there, learning lots, even if Grandson #1 stated “I know everything about football.” I loved the Super Bowl rings; one is covered with diamonds, then opens up to reveal a little field inside. Sheesh, unfortunately I did not win the Mega Millions, so something like that is out of reach. Apparently the Super Bowl ring last year was made by the Kardashians’ jeweler.

In between events we played foosball, rummy, Clue, and went to libraries.

at the Perry Library

We played whiffle ball in the back yard, grilled hot dogs, and went to the antique coop down the street. We got Dairy Queen and pizza, bagels and for me, Dunkin iced coffee with cream (believe me I needed it!) We had so much fun, I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Such a nice gentleman!

For me, the best part of Grandma Camp was watching Grandson and Chester become buddies. This is the kid who at age 4-7 was terrified of dogs. Suddenly, he’s not. Maybe because he’s bigger and Chester is a little mellower. It warmed my heart either way. Chester was such a good boy the whole time. He did have to go to the vet for his regular vaccines but he loves the vet! They give him treats! He got an adorable bandana with trucks on it. I think it’s super cute but John thought it was silly.

It didn’t last long anyway, but at least I got a picture. He also got to walk around in Painesville Township Park, but there was a group taking wedding pictures so we didn’t make it too long. I was so tempted to accidentally drop the leash and let him photo bomb the pics, but I didn’t. He might have slobbered on the bride’s dress and I’m thinking they would not have thought it as cute as I would have.  

Have a good week!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I have family in your area! Reading this was awesome, we would visit there when I was a kid, didn’t do this stuff but the names of the towns brought back memories. (Family is near Chardon, I have a t-shirt that says “where the hell is Chardon, Ohio?” somewhere. )


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