Halloween and other random ghosts

Happy Halloween! I have lots of ghosts and goblins swirling in my head today so I may seem discombobulated. That’s my grandson’s favorite word right now. I may jump from one topic to another. But the veil is thin between the spirit world and ours today, so maybe my ancestors are arguing about what I should write about, and I am feeling like a rope in a tug-of-war. So let’s just get started, shall we?

Speaking of arguing, the weather here in Cleveland can’t decide what it wants to be. We have had days like this:

And days like this.

Yesterday I was outside burning sticks in the chiminea in a t-shirt. Today it’s rainy and cold. Go figure. Chester and I have had some beautiful walks though, in Holden Arboretum and the Lake Metroparks. The leaf colors have been breathtaking.

Chester doesn’t care for Halloween. We don’t give him candy, and he has to dress up. Granted it’s only for a few minutes while I take his picture.

Doesn’t he look happy? Hey, we spoil this dog every day of the year, so for one day (ok maybe two, I put antlers on him at Christmas) he can glare at me. Honestly, it was two minutes. You’d think he was suffering. At least I didn’t put the rest of the costume on him.

Chester got “skunked” last week so we gave him his first bath in the bathtub. We usually take him to the pet store where they have a dog wash station but it was late at night. He didn’t seem to mind it that much, not as much as having to wear a pumpkin hat. It was  “second hand skunked” — he didn’t get the full force. When we lived in Euclid our neighbor’s dog got sprayed between our houses and the curtains, couch and everything smelled for days. This wasn’t that bad. This one may have even been a roll-through skunk.

Our Model A club went on a tour, and we stopped at a store in Amish country. I thought this made a nice picture. I should have bought a pumpkin then but I did not. Alas, this morning I went to four places and they were ALL OUT of pumpkins. I have a warty pumpkin, just not a Jack-o-lantern.

I came home and drowned my disappointment in little candy bars.

I’ve been starting a community handbell choir named Decibells. I may have mentioned it. We want to combine theater/performance with handbells and take bells to the community. We are able to borrow bells from a church temporarily but would like to buy our own. We can’t take the church bells out of the church, and we want to do outreach activities in senior centers, schools, etc. Even used bells can cost $15000 or more. Sheesh, right?

Nobody under 40 will understand this because computer stuff is part of their DNA, but I am so proud that I figured out how to get Zelle for the Decibells account. I linked it to the email so we can receive donations. If any of you have even 5 dollars floating around screaming “I wish I could be used for something that will bring people joy” and you’d consider donating, we are a legit, tax-exempt non-profit and 100% will go to purchasing the bells, music, and accessories. The email is Decibellslake@gmail.com . If you are thinking, “ahh she worked in a sales pitch” I am sorry. I would never want anybody to donate who couldn’t afford it, so no worries.

Like in Harry Potter, as I express these ideas and thoughts, they seem to be flowing out of my ear and clearing out my brain. Pretty soon I’ll be brainless.

Isn’t that pretty? It’s called a “Mumkin.” It was a fundraiser for the grandson.

Chester got a new toy from our grandson. It is, or was, a stuffed Mr. Bill that said “Oh nooooo” over and over and over and over….. Chester mercifully disassembled the sound module then went to work on the body of poor Mr. Bill. He made it this far last night.

Did you ever hang up a sweater over a shirt then forget you owned the shirt? I found one of my formerly favorite shirts this morning when I reached for a black sweater. It’s like getting something new! Or used, as this one was originally from Goodwill. So kind of a triple used from it’s original birth. Or maybe more, depending if the previous owner got it new. It’s mind blowing, right? But in a good way.

Have a lovely Halloween, and make sure your doggies and kitties don’t get out. We have trick-or-treating from 6-8:00 and it’s pretty dark by then. Tomorrow is November 1st, unbelievable. Let’s hope for a few more nice days! Have a good week!

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A classic overthinker trying to age gracefully while living with a big, too smart for his own good shelter pup who must have his daily walk.

8 thoughts on “Halloween and other random ghosts”

  1. Well, I for one am horrified that anyone would impose costumes on their beloved dog. I may report you to the appropriate authority if I can find one. Seriously, though, I agree that Chester “has a lot of crust” (GrandMom’s expression) to sport that look of disdain when asked for so little and after being given so much. We’re going to hide out tonight from the wee monsters. I know, I know…a Halloween scrooge but a) tired of jumping up to dole out pre-diabetes noshes, b) don’t want candy leftovers in the house, c) football game on, d) don’t like Halloween and e) just a generally grouchy old man bad attitude. You’d be correct to weight those excuse as 90% on “e.” Thanks for the nice pics – lovely Fall times in your area. We spent a week in Aspen earlier this month peeping the tree colors and they were spectacular and that provided our annual dose of cold-ish weather. Good luck with the fellow ring-a-dings – we sent a small contribution as Father Murphy would say, “for the good of the order.”

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    1. Thank you so much! We definitely appreciate it. Now as for excuses…the browns are playing so we are avoiding it by concentrating on passing out candy. Of course we waaay overbought… I don’t think there are that many trick or treaters in the whole of ohio. Oops. Guess we’ll have some leftovers! Whatever to do? Thanks again for the contribution. I miss reading about your adventures and Max. ❤️


  2. I live at the end of very long driveway that winds through the dark woods – we’ve never had a single trick or treater. I honestly don’t mind, since the Bear has always been at work during the hours of begging, and I’m not fond of answering the door when I’m home alone and it’s dark out.

    Maverick will be dressed up as a Golden Retriever. It’s boring but he wears it well. Those are beautiful pictures, by the way. You were certainly taking the scenic route to blog today!

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  3. I recognize Chester’s look. It’s like when I ask a 7th grader if the song they’re playing is “Material Girl,” and they are disgusted by my hip-less-ness.


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