Our Final Christmas (til next December!)

Christmas of 2022 was ridiculous! In a good way, but still…

We visited our kids in Brooklyn NY this past weekend for our third and final Christmas. Between illness and weather, they were not able to come back to Cleveland. It was wonderful to see them. We visited Chamber Street Wines, where our son works.

one of the best in the city!

We went to the Guggenheim Museum which was super cool. The building is in a spiral, and you walk the spiral to see the art.

inside the museum
Alex Katz exhibit…we remember these clothes and hair!
art by Nick Case

We also played Bananagram, a fun scrabble-like game with tiles that look like Chiclets. Of course no NYC trip would be complete without a parking ticket. I’m serious. I double dog dare you to try to drive in NYC and not get a ticket of some kind. It’s not humanly possible.

John was a hero…
The subway was much better!

But it was a nice trip nonetheless. I miss the kids. I don’t know if I will ever be not sad coming home from seeing them in person. They are happy there and I remember being that age and living my life. But I still miss them.  Ah well, whatcha gonna do?

Izzy and Tim at a sweet little cafe with amazing breakfasts

Chester got to spend a few nights at Camp Bow Wow. He does like it there but it sure tires him out. He basically passed out in the car driving home and slept for two days.

He’s getting back to normal, so I’ll take him for a walk later. The weather is not particularly cold…about 37 degrees, which is practically flip flop weather! We’ll go see the lake.

One random complaint about the weather…muddy paw prints. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Milo and Zeus missed us; Milo decided I’m not allowed to stop petting him and is lying on my arm so I can’t type.

OK now on to the Super Bowl and an internal conflict. I like football. Actually, I like fantasy football, but I like to watch too. There is nothing like a Browns game on a Sunday afternoon to prompt a nice nap on the couch.

But it seems a little barbaric at the same time. Are we still watching the gladiators in the arena? I would not want my grandkids to play football. But I still want to watch it. While I watch the game and more importantly the usually underwhelming and over-hyped halftime show and commercials, a small voice in my head says football is not going to be part of our psyche at some point. Something will happen; something to change our viewpoint. I’m not trying to be dramatic, unlike the usually over-dramatic halftime show…just admitting that I’m a hypocrite when it comes to football. However….

NOT THE PUPPY BOWL! I love the puppy bowl and kittie halftime show. I love the corny jokes, the birds and other assorted critters who make guest appearances and the referee. Most of all I love the cause. Our shelters here in Cleveland are overwhelmed. If we could squeeze in one more pet we would, but our house is full up. In NYC everyone seems to have a dog; they were all out walking! Cats aren’t as lucky there, but our kids adopted two spoiled ones.

I understand that there is a bump in adoptions following the puppy bowl, so fingers crossed some of these guys (especially the adults) get a second chance. We are certainly glad we chose Chester (or he chose us) since he has been a great addition to our family. (minus the muddy paw prints!)

It wasn’t me!

Have a great week!

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A classic overthinker trying to age gracefully while living with a big, too smart for his own good shelter pup who must have his daily walk.

9 thoughts on “Our Final Christmas (til next December!)”

  1. Sadly muddy paws are inevitable. But at least Chester’s legs still show white. With Norman’s long hair, the mud migrates northward as well as all over the floors. Sigh

    I’m with you…PUPPY BOWL rocks. We’ll be rooting for Team Fluff. Or Maybe Team Ruff. 🐶

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hubby is a football fan and he enjoys me watching it with me, but he also knows that I really don’t care about football at all. So I sit in the family room and knit or read while he watches the games, when he yells “Did you see that?” I look up and go, “Oh MY GOD!” and we’re both happy.

    I’m very on the fence about dog adoptions lately – too many shelters are not vetting the dogs properly in this push to get them all adopted. A good friend was told that the dog she brought home to her family had been kid tested and was awesome – 2nd day home he bit her daughter and narrowly missed the carotid artery. The dog was put down, and the child is scarred for life.


  3. How sad. We got lucky with Chester. I think too there’s an expectation that the dog will be instantly part of the family. City Dogs, Chester’s rescue, really stresses decompression for sometimes weeks, and I agree. But it is partly luck, good or bad unfortunately.


  4. I never realized how white Chester’s paws are. They look like white gloves. Does he ever do the white glove test to check for dust? No, I forgot. He leaves muddy footprints on the tile. Probably not, then.


  5. Hi Martha, Just now got around to reading your post about NYC. Can’t stop staring at the picture of Izzy and Tim. She looks so much like you !!! I know it is wonderful to visit them. We are planning a trip to CA to see Nathan in March/April. $$$ Oh well. The only other bad part is putting the animals in the kennel, but it can’t be helped.

    We lost our Choc lab Ursi (Ursula) on Jan 7. 😭 She had multiple medical issues and she got so she couldn’t stand up. She is running free now:) We have an application in at the DFW Lab Rescue for another lab. After a quick home visit, we may have another one. Can’t wait. Have a good week/month. Love,

    *Sara *


    1. Oh Sara I’m so sorry about Ursi. She was a sweetheart. Yes on the $, unfortunately nyc is pricey but izzy and tim know good places that aren’t super expensive. It’s funny, I don’t see the resemblance but others do!


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