Stuck in a Rut and Telemachus

I am in a rut. I’m not sure what a rut is but if this is being stuck in one I enjoy it. I know I am stuck because I am taking basically the same pictures of Chester over and over, mostly lying on the couch. Apparently he is stuck in a rut too. I don’t mind it, it’s a good rut.

I was listening to the radio on the way back from getting bagels and heard Carole King, “It’s Too Late” from the Tapestry album. I sang along with every word. How can I remember that but not where I put my keys? I guess it makes sense as this was the first album I owned and played it so many times I lost count. Growing up in 1971, when the album was released, there were not a lot of women role models in the music business. This album became one of the biggest sellers worldwide, winning 4 grammy awards and spending mega time on the Billboard charts. Not only that but it was one of the albums that defined women in pop music. I still love it!

Did you know this was her cat, named Telemachus? After digging a little I found this picture of Telemachus as a kitten.

In Greek mythology Telemachus was the son of the Greek hero Odysseus and his wife, Penelope. But there is another Telemachus, a monk. According to the church historian Theodoret, bishop ofCyrrhus in Syria, Telemachus had attended gladiator games.

Per Theodoret, “After gazing upon the combat from the amphitheatre, he descended into the arena, and tried to separate the gladiators. The sanguinary spectators, possessed by the demon who delights in the effusion of blood, were irritated at the interruption of their cruel sports, and stoned him who had occasioned the cessation. After being apprised of this circumstance, the admirable emperor numbered him with the victorious martyrs, and abolished these iniquitous spectacles.”

I don’t know which Telemachus the cat is named after but I’m going to try to find out. There are stories about the photo for the album cover but I haven’t found out much about his name. He’s a pretty famous cat. He even has his own t-shirt!

 Anyway, he’s a cute cat (looks a little like Milo) and I thank Carole King for helping me through the often disheartening early teen years. She made me realize that it’s OK to look “normal” (I had the natural long hair too) and take charge of her own music. Love you, Carole!!

So, we had a major breakthrough with our cats, or at least a stalemate. They are now free together overnight. They seem to just ignore each other and so far Chester hasn’t complained that he’s stuck in a bedroom. This is a breakthrough because in the past they would try to kill each other so we kept them separate. I don’t know if they are getting older or just used to each other but it’s a milestone for us!

and Milo….not quite together but coexisting!

We went to another park (here is the rut…a park and cute pics of Chester cute pics of Chester) and some of the spring flowers are just starting to bloom.

It’s early, it has to snow on the daffodils three times before it’s really spring. But it was nice to see. Of course this is what Chester saw on the walk…

Chester is totally hooked on pup cups. He got one at Biggby coffee after our walk, then went to CVS and got a beggin strip. They know him at Biggby now and say, “Hi baby, did you go for a walk? Do you want a pup cup?”  He practically crawls in my lap to give them the big starving eyes.

Pullling up to the Biggby drive through. Ready to give them a show!

They always give him two biscuits in his cup. I think that is more than they give other dogs. Does he look starved? Not hardly.

I’m working on Decibells, our new performance bell choir. We are working hard and planning a concert for 6/3 at 4:00. There is a lot of stuff to do….today I bought a cash box! Honestly, it seems like every fundraiser or show I participate in has that moment when someone wants to donate or pay and the cashbox person isn’t here yet. Right???? I decided that I want the cash box there early in case anyone has the immediate urge to donate. Plus it made me feel legit. I guess if I didn’t win the Powerball (I didn’t) I’ll have to rely on the bake sale. For that we need a cash box!

Enjoy the weekend!

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A classic overthinker trying to age gracefully while living with a big, too smart for his own good shelter pup who must have his daily walk.

15 thoughts on “Stuck in a Rut and Telemachus”

  1. If you’re in a rut, stay in it. The pics of Chester are always adorable. Although I understand what you mean by taking photos of a dog that’s snoozing on the sofa or other frequented spots. Love the reticulated iris-they’re adorably cute and a reminder that spring is in fact on its way.

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  2. It was good to see a post from you. I was just thinking of Chester when I saw the article in SciTechDaily about the monstrous prehistoric fish that used to live near you. You missed that article? Well, it described “ChunkyDunk,” an armor plated fish from Ceveland. For some reason the fish name reminded me of Chester. Sorry, Chester, but ChunkyDunk is still better than Dunkleosteus terrelli which is said fish’s proper name. Who knows…with the train wrecks and toxic spills maybe the real ChunkyDunk will again inhabit Cleveland?


    1. Ha! Chunkydunk is chesters new nickname!!! He won’t care as long as he gets pup cups! I’m pretty crazy with bell stuff…they are so good and I’m excited but it’s hard starting from scratch! I’m applying for grants to try and buy the bells. It just seems like the days go way to fast! But Chester is demanding when it comes to walks!

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  3. Thanks for the post. I love Carole King’s music. I understand you and Chester’s rut. I wonder when I will regularly leave my house. Maybe when the warmer weather arrives? Congratulations on your upcoming concert. Great idea about the cash box. You never know when someone will want to donate.

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  4. I loved Tapestry. I had Carol King hair so I felt a natural kinship to her. Didn’t know about Telemachus and am delighted to know this now. Such a wonderful piece of trivia to add to my addled brain.

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  5. Not only did I know that’s Carole King’s actual cat on the album cover, but I even know the story behind the photo. It was taken in the actual living room of her Laurel Canyon home. It was the photographer’s idea to include Telemachus, because he figured everybody likes to look at cats. This was in 1971…long before cat memes and videos even existed!

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    1. Yes, i think i read that it was her home. I didn’t know about the kitty! I can’t believe it was that long ago but yeah, i remember the no internet, cat memes, videos…my job in 1981 was next door to a local video shop, the big debate was vhs or beta!


  6. Thanks for working so hard on Decibells. In lieu of letting people throw bills into an open handbell case, I think a cashbox is a great purchase.


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