Adventures in candy wrappers

Upon opening a Dove dark chocolate candy, I realized it had an inspirational saying inside the foil wrapper. The saying said, “A smile is the quickest way to brighten a room.”  It had the name Jessica of South Carolina under it.  “How interesting” I thought as I ate the chocolate faster than Steve McQueen drove through San Francisco.

 Apparently you can submit your favorite saying to Dove and you too could be on the inside of a candy wrapper. The dark chocolate seemed to be offset by the overly sweet saying so I thought I better have another one. Just to see what would happen. The next Dove dark chocolate said, “Throw kindness around like confetti.” I cringed a little wondering if the kindness was bad for the environment like confetti is, but the chocolate was tasty so I thought I better be kind and give Dove another try.

“Book the flight” was just dumb. I’m not booking a flight just because a candy wrapper tells me to. But what if it’s a sign? I’ll have another one and if it says the same thing, aloha Cleveland!

just kidding, this is Cleveland!

Nope. I’m not going anywhere. “When life isn’t going right, go left.” Huh? Better have another one since that must have been written by someone who knows their left from their right. I’m lucky to be able to follow the lady speaking to me from the dashboard of my car.

“Laugh it off.” Yeah, people will think I’ve lost it. Like the laughing in the last song of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. I think it’s the last song….maybe another candy will help me remember.

“Always Time for Love,” close to my husband’s favorite book, “Time Enough for Love” by Robert Heinlein. I’ll have to reread that one, but put a pin in it and one more dark chocolate first. “Be(you)tiful.” Since the wrappers are kind of wrinkly I thought it said “Beloultiful.” What the heck is “loultiful”? Is that like being a lout? Surely Dove can’t be advocating that I be a lout! So I smoothed it out and realized Dove is running out of sayings and making them up. How cute.

“If you are reading this you are beautiful and worth it.” Worth what? WHAT AM I WORTH? Kind of like the song, “War…what is it good for, absolutely nothing.” I’m worth a Dove candy I guess. That’s scary.

Finally, I started getting repeats and thought maybe I had absorbed all the positivity I could take. And all the chocolate candy too. I mean either I ate them all or somebody snuck in and grabbed a few without my noticing. Then I found the holy grail of Dove candy wrappers. Take this to heart, people.

“Write a letter to a friend…and send chocolate with it.”

I love you, Alyssa M from Minnesota!!

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A classic overthinker trying to age gracefully while living with a big, too smart for his own good shelter pup who must have his daily walk.

9 thoughts on “Adventures in candy wrappers”

  1. When I worked at CenturyCo, somebody always taped those Dove wrappers to the bathroom stall in the men’s room. I have no idea why. I only hope they weren’t actually eating them in there…


  2. I’d forgotten about the fact that Dove has those inspirational sayings on their wrappers. Oddly enough this is the second time today that I’ve come across someone talking about Dove chocolates. I feel like it’s a sign of some sort. Eat more chocolate is the message, I guess.

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