April Fools, Bigfoot and Sponge Bob

Happy April Fool’s Day. I am going to resist the urge to say that every day is April Fool’s Day lately. Instead, I am going to show you something wonderful and new that my husband got me NOT for April Fool’s Day!

It’s a Sponge Bob Squarepants sponge holder. I don’t know where he finds these treasures but he manages. He found the light up chickens for Christmas, and the Styrofoam Santa, after all. I had a dream last night about the Styrofoam Santa. I dreamed I went into my childhood bedroom closet and found 3 of them. Two were Disney related so I left them. The other one was smaller and someone had drawn my dad’s face on it. The artist probably did not pursue a career in the arts as the picture was, shall we say, hideous. But I was excited and took it home to show my husband. He would appreciate it if it was real.

Anyway, the Sponge Bob holder is a great solution to the problem of where to put the sponge. The only problem with it is that when wet, the sponge is a little heavier. This is what happened:

I don’t care, I love it and look forward to the next acquisition. I don’t deserve this generosity except that I am going to the Pork Rind Festival in June with him. Maybe he’s paying it forward.

So back to April Fool’s. I woke up this morning and saw this:

Sponge Bob is the new barista.

Then after my coffee (not espresso) I saw this:

Sponge Bob eating the Cheetos. Not Cheezits thank goodness.

And finally, when I went to feed the fish, this:

By the sea, by the sea…

I suspect that Sponge Bob is a little like the Elf on the Shelf, moving around the house. I will wait with bated breath to see where he moves next!

 I don’t remember successfully pulling any April Fool pranks as a kid. As a kid I would try, telling my brother and sister that school was cancelled or it was Saturday. They never bought it. Apparently I wasn’t as creative as some of the businesses. According to history.com,

In 1996, Taco Bell, the fast-food restaurant chain, duped people when it announced it had agreed to purchase Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell and intended to rename it the Taco Liberty Bell. In 1998, after Burger King advertised a “Left-Handed Whopper,” scores of clueless customers requested the fake sandwich. Google notoriously hosts an annual April Fools’ Day prank that has included everything from “telepathic search” to the ability to play Pac Man on Google Maps. For the average trickster, there is always the classic April Fools’ Day prank of covering the toilet with plastic wrap or switching out sugar and salt.

Shoot, I should have tried the plastic wrap one. The sugar and salt thing is too much work. I’m not a very creative or ambitious prankster, unlike our Cleveland Orchestra. On the morning news we discovered that there was a Bigfoot sighting at Blossom Music Center, a beautiful outdoor venue for the orchestra. The orchestra released a video so there is proof! Bigfoot looks strangely like a guy in a red jacket, but who am I to question Bigfoot’s style choices?

As a mom, I would try to fool my kids like I did my brother and sister. Once they were past about 3 years old they didn’t buy it either. On the plus side, I was never the recipient of any pranks even though I did receive the most coveted award in high school, the “Most Gullible.” At least that’s what they told me.  

I do plan to play a trick on my grandson today…he’s pretty smart though. He’s eight years old and won the March Madness family bracket. I’m going to tell him there was a change in the stats and Grandpa won. He wouldn’t believe it if I said I won, my bracket broke down faster than the Titanic. The only problem is that he has the stats analyzed already. The kid is a future sports journalist I think. But don’t all kids believe their dear old grandma???  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Chester has been enjoying lying in the sun. We’ve been walking a little longer now that the weather isn’t 50 degrees below comfortable. Zeus the cat got mad at me because I was brushing him. He had blood work done and got a clean bill of health, even though he is turning 13. This is what he does when he’s mad…

Gotta love an irritated cat…

Our crocuses survived the snow and are blooming full force.

Chester is unimpressed by the crocuses but interested in the squirrel up the tree.

Everything is a little later here because we are about a mile from Lake Erie and it is cooler. As you can see, the squirrels don’t eat the purple and white ones but feast on yellow. My husband commented that the squirrels on our street are significantly more substantial than those on the other streets. I can’t imagine why!

Have a good day and I hope you have only silly pranks!

PS: Happy Birthday to my dad who was an ultimate prankster. I miss our conversations and feeble attempts to prank each other. I miss playing cards and the smack talk (Can we have a reading of the scores please?)  I smile, remembering those moments with love!

Our daughter painted this for me from a photo. Dad is the one on the right and the other gentleman is a good friend. It’s a little blurry in this because of my phone, but it’s a good likeness. I just noticed his red jacket…hmm