Bucket list #2…TSO!

My dad was the kind of dad who said “NO” to any event that was loud, crowded, or unruly. We lived within an hour of Cedar Point Amusement Park, one of the top in the country for roller coasters, and he wouldn’t take us. I didn’t go there until I was in high school. Or wasn’t in high school, since I skipped school to go. But I digress…

TSO, or Trans-Siberian Orchestra, tours every year around Christmas. My sister and I were talking about our next bucket list adventure (see Groundhog Day entry for background info) and she asked if I wanted to go see TSO. Of course I did! TSO is loud, crowded and unruly..AND they play Christmas songs! Could it get any better? So, we decided on Toledo as the venue, and off we went.

We started out at a bar in Toledo where one of her friends was playing with a band. My sister has friends wherever you throw a dart at a map. She’s like my son, who could drive across the country and stay with a different person every night. We ate some bar food and listened to the band. The band was really good, and as much as we would have liked to have stayed, we had some electric guitar Christmas to rock out to.

We took a selfie of our excited happy selves, and had pretty good seats. The show started out as expected, and we waved our hands to Christmas Eve/ Sarejavo, “O Holy Night” and listened to a kind of confusing story about some girl who ran away and slept in blue blankets. I’m still not sure what that was about but we didn’t care. Girls with revealing costumes were running around the catwalk gyrating to the music, and guys with long hair were rockin onstage to Christmas songs. I was living the 80s again! When the lights flashed in time to the beat and fire shot from the floor I was in heaven. It was great!

After intermission, we expected more of the same. I was ready for another round of Christmas merriment and head banging, but alas, I was denied. Instead there was some crazy tiger prowling around the back of the stage (on a screen folks, if it was real that would have been cool though). There was some weird classical music—I don’t really remember, because we were right next to this huge tank. When the tank caught on fire, we were both a little stunned. I felt like Beavis and Butthead…fire fire fire! A tank doesn’t exactly match the holiday spirit. The video had some story of a lady in a white nightgown or something but I’m not completely sure what it was all about. At the end, we left saying, “what?” to each other a lot. Loud, remember? No matter. Bucket list #2 was in the bucket.

Honestly, we had a lot of fun. We finally got to see TSO. There was a cello onstage, which is a real plus. We got to see a tank catch fire inside the building. Sometimes you don’t know what you haven’t seen until you see it. The girl in the video apparently went home. And now we are in the Christmas season again. To get into the Christmas spirit, I’m watching the you tube video of Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo. It has the cutest kitten ever in it.  Full speed ahead…!

As a PS, I was cast in a community theater production of “Matilda” (the musical). I had auditioned for Miss Trunchbull, and while I didn’t get that part, I was cast in the ensemble and as the cook. I get to make cake:) The music is kind of like TSO–rocking, loud, and just great fun. If you are near Chardon around Maple Fest, come see the show! If you aren’t, check out the you tube videos of the music, it’s fantastic!