NY resolutions and a Dodgem

Happy New Year! I watched some of the NY eve tv specials but missed both Miley’s wardrobe malfunction and Andy’s rant. I did not however, miss the earthquake that occurred in Lake Erie. I was in the basement and heard a thump noise, kind of like a truck dropping its load. I thought Chester knocked something over but when I checked nothing was amiss and he was just hanging out.

Chester is quite concerned about the earthquake.

Not a huge earthquake, and we do have them periodically. I have felt two that were bigger and actually made things move. Once I was on the fourth floor of an office building. That was a little scary. But you don’t even realize what it was until it’s over.

I have the after Christmas blahs. I have a stack of gifts for the NY kids and some of them include candy. I am considering opening and eating them. To circumvent my tendencies I wrapped the candy and put the wrapping under the bed.  You see, once again I have made New Year resolutions, and once again one of them is diet.

Since I am a believer of sharing misery, Chester is going on a diet too.

looking a little chunky there Chester…

We have begun breaking the large Milk Bones in half for his nightly ritual. He goes outside, stands on the deck for a minute or two, then comes in and herds my husband to the kitchen for a biscuit. He does this about three or four times then curls up on the couch to watch tv. He then falls asleep until I say “bed” when he goes upstairs. So now he gets half biscuits. We would try to break the habit but he’s so darn cute when he herds my husband. That is my personal entertainment for the night.

If only losing weight was easy for me! About three years ago, my grandson gave me this little figure called a Daruma Doll. He painted it and painted one for himself too. He said that you make a goal and then paint the other eye when you achieve the goal. His goal was to learn to read. He did that within 6 months and painted the eye. Mine was to lose 10 pounds. Here is mine today three years later…

The grandson thinks it’s funny that I still haven’t painted mine. He doesn’t understand how I can be my own worst enemy. People try to tell me what to do to lose weight. I know what to do, I just don’t do it. If someone could tell me how to stop sabotaging myself it might help. This year is the year though! That little accuser staring at me with one eye will get his comeuppance. And I will be vindicated!

On facebook marketplace there is a Dodgem car for sale! It’s relatively inexpensive, and in Ohio!

My husband was not opposed exactly, since I have wanted one since the great Hershey Swap Meet. I messaged the seller for the measurements. Unfortunately, it is 40” wide and 5’6” long. It is also “extremely heavy.” We would have to rent a truck to move it (no problem) and get some strong guys to help (that’s what the Fantasy Football league is for) but the real obstacle is that it would not fit through the basement door. Although we toyed with the idea of the Dodgem in the living room or family room, we ultimately decided that it was not feasible. My husband suggested the deck, but we aren’t sure the squirrels would approve. Disappointing. Some day…

The deck supervisor

Anyway, this is going to be an interesting year. Think of all the possibilities ahead! I plan to win the Powerball tonight. Anything could happen! It’s kind of fun to think of good things that may happen in the future. I do believe that positive thoughts and vibes translate into reality sometimes. So why not? I may have a dodgem AND a carousel tiger in the basement!

Finally, here’s a pic of my little tiger Milo. Doesn’t he look ferocious? He’s really yawning.

Milo the tiger

Sorry for the boring post…when a yawning cat gets a picture it’s pretty bad. When I win the powerball things will pick up! Have a good week!