Video Stardom and Bigfoot in the driveway…

I’ve been walking around the house today singing a song from “Funny Girl.” If you aren’t familiar with Funny Girl or Barbra Streisand, it goes like this…

“I’m the greatest star, I am by far but no one knows it..”

Why am I the greatest star? Why am I dodging paparazzi (and where did they get those cool red and blue lights?) Because my very first you tube video has posted!

I have mentioned Ian’s Legacy, the foundation for which I coordinated a talent show last year to raise money. We do it to remember a spectacular young man who lost his life after a struggle with substance use disorder. We are remembering him and raising money in the best way we know how, with music and art. We couldn’t have a live talent show this year so we asked performers to submit videos for a virtual show. I decided to do a cello video for some reason. It wasn’t as easy as thought it would be…

See the source image
Ian Minnick

First, I haven’t played for about a year. My cello friends will cringe but they are nice so they won’t say anything. I tried, I practiced a lot for the last month but I am not the cellist I used to be.  Never mind, I recorded it. Adding reverb can work wonders.

I had a vision. I chose a lovely song, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” I was going to play in the park among these awesome statues with snow gently drifting down. Problem is, we didn’t have any snow. The video was due January 15th and NO SNOW. Can you believe it? I was losing hope and starting to practice something else when miracle of all miracles, on January 17th it snowed! We were off work for Martin Luther King Day which just couldn’t have been more perfect. This was going to be a blessed event, obviously!

John and I trudged out to Lakeshore Reservation with my cello and set up shop among the statues. I tried to play. My fingers got a little chilly and it didn’t sound that good, but the jogger running by said it was nice. Then a dog walker came into focus. The dog squatted and they stared at us. We waited. We filmed for a few minutes but John realized the camera was seeing my cello case and we wanted to try again. At that moment the snow plow decided to drive by and shovel the snow (a whole ½ inch I think) around the statues. (sigh) We waited. We filmed a couple more minutes and the dog walker came back. This time they stopped closer and we just had to pet the dog. I mean, come on, it’s a dog. They moved on, and we finished up. By then I have to say we were both cold but happy.

John, my husband, is the bomb. He made it look good. You won’t see the squatting dog or the jogger or the snow plow, just the quiet woods, the lake, and me. And the sound, while admittedly a little out of tune, was not awful. Next year I’ll practice more and not wait til a month before filming. (yep I will)

So grab the popcorn people! I want my 4 minutes of fame! The link is at the bottom of this blog. I hope you will watch more than just me, there are some insanely talented people who are all creative and amazing. John and I are going to have a talent show premiere night and watch them all as if we were sitting at the Riverside Auditorium. What else is there to do on a Monday night, don’t you need a pick me up? Also, check out the art and bid using virtual tickets. All the information is on the link or at You may have to copy and paste. It’d be nice if you could help us out, but if you can’t you can still watch the show!

Chester hurt himself today. He ran after a squirrel and I heard him cry out. He started limping slightly, not bleeding but favoring one paw. I don’t see any injury but if it continues we will take him in. Here is a photo of him enjoying the snow. Second couple photos are cool snow type pics. The first I have titled “Bigfoot in the Driveway”. Doesn’t it look like a huge foot? My foot is right behind it for comparison. The second is leaves that were buried in the street salt, then blew away. Sometimes beauty comes from unexpected sources. Have a wonderful week!

Bigfoot in the Driveway
Leaves in the Salt