Treehouse picture alert…

So even though Chester’s activities are much more exciting…

Chester doing what he does best

By request here are some pictures of our treehouse adventure. The Toledo Metroparks is one of the top park systems in Ohio, growing by leaps and bounds, with a focus on preservation but also enjoyment of the parks. My brilliant sister has worked there for 36 years, and is the Senior Naturalist. She has been instrumental in the development of the parks and I am so proud! The Treehouse Village was created by donations only and is booked a year in advance. Even the Senior Naturalist was lucky to get a night. Each cabin has a theme, creatively executed by the designer and volunteers. We stayed in The Stable, which was made to be barn-like. Some of the pictures were taken by my friend Kathy, who was an equestrian. The outside lights are on at night because some of the cabins use a communal restroom building. Two of the cabins have a composting toilet inside, including the Stable. Unfortunately there is a slight smell…it may be lesser in the spring. More information is on the Toledo Metroparks website. The slides would be a blast for kids! Oh, and there is a net that you can lie on or roll around! So cool…

This was a little scary at first but was very well made and sturdy. Yes, I went on it too, but didn’t lie down.
Communal fire pit..bring marshmallows!
Night lights in the village
Inside The Stable…isn’t that a cute fridge? No stove, but a microwave and an outside grill. And a Keurig!
My sister volunteered to take the upstairs bed…thank you!!
Upstairs bed is hanging
Thank you horsie for sharing your stable with us!