Chester goes to camp and the third third…

I am in the third trimester of my life. The psychic in New Orleans said I was going to live to be 92, so except for a couple years (and I count the pandemic as a lost year) this is the third third. It’s a way of looking at aging that makes sense to me…just like the prenatal trimesters, we grow and evolve until we are “born.” We are more uncomfortable in the womb when we grow, we are uncomfortable in our bodies as they begin to wear out. Just as the womb can’t hold us back any more, our bodies are not up to the exploding, ambitious, and curious beings we are as we get older. We just have to grin and bear it and nurse our aches and pains along while trying to get done what we need or want to!  Anyway enough of the musing, don’t have time for it.

September has been a whirlwind of activity. I was talking to a friend and I said something about being more consistent in writing and she asked if I was going to write about the wedding (our daughter got married). I said yes, and she paused, then said “But Chester didn’t go to the wedding.”

So that’s how it is! I get it. Nobody gives a rat’s behind about me. It’s AAALLLL about Chester. Well, fair enough, ego has been checked (jk, it hasn’t).  But so you know…here’s what I did in September in a very brief photo commentary.

Our daughter and her wonderful fiancé married in the Catskills in New York. It was an outside wedding, the weather was beautiful, everything was perfect.

Izzy and Tim’s wedding

My husband and I hiked the Gorge Trail at Watkins Glen, New York. We walked behind the waterfall (that’s John) and stayed at a phenomenal B&B, the Cupola overlooking Seneca Lake.

Watkin’s Glen

My sister, my friend and I spent the night in a treehouse in Oak Openings Park in Toledo. We hiked a bit then retired to conversation and wine.

“The Stable” treehouse at Oak Openings

Now here’s what Chester did.

Yes, this is a new photo.

Actually he did a little more. When we went to the wedding he stayed at Camp Bow Wow for 6 days. They have “Camper Cams” for the owner or other interested parties to watch the dogs. Basically the dogs just walk around behind the staff who is mopping up the accidents. But I can see him barking sometimes (his mouth moves, there is no sound. It’s like when you make shadow puppet ducks). This time I didn’t see him as much. He had been limping for a few days; it was getting better. I tried to get him into the vet but the only option was to take him to the emergency animal hospital, 30 miles away. I would do that if it was an emergency but he was getting better, and the limp was barely there when we took him to camp. They said it was fine, and would call me if there was an issue, but I was a wreck dropping him off. Although he appeared OK when we picked him up, and the limp is gone, I think he was mad at us for taking him. We had the carpet cleaned and the day after he came home he peed on it. This was only his second accident ever, and I don’t think it was an accident.

Don’t talk to me now I’m busy watching something.

We decided to treat him especially well, with lots of Milk Bones, walks, and love. Maybe he was stressed. It apparently worked because he is full of his usual self now. I was holding Milo the cat and walking around in an attempt to get them used to seeing each other. He was pretty good until I tried to give him and Milo each a treat. I thought positive reinforcement would be good. It wasn’t. They are both treat motivated, and Chester kind of jumped up and “kissed” Milo’s butt. (He didn’t bite down, but mouthed his butt. I’m taking it as a kiss). Anyway, Milo hissed at Chester (good for him!) and I separated them again. It was a good start! I’m not giving up.

So honestly, is reading about Chester kissing Milo’s butt better than hearing about the wedding or the treehouse or my wonderful life? Yes, it probably is. Truth be told, I am so happy right now that I don’t care, with my whole third trimester (the bonus round as my sister said) ahead. I have lots of writing to do but I just got an Andrew Bird CD and I’ve been dancing with Milo. He doesn’t love dancing, he would rather be trying to drink my coffee. To be honest, I had “Sisyphus” on repeat for awhile, but the whole CD is very quickly becoming my favorite. (Andrew Bird/My Finest Work Yet)  It makes me happy. I think for a New Years resolution this year I will resolve to go see Andrew Bird in concert. Sounds like an adventure in the making!

I will be writing weekly, probably each Wednesday. I know I said that before but this time I mean it.  Really!! Below are a couple pictures from one of the walks.

At Lake Erie Bluffs checking out some dead fish on the beach.

Stay safe!

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A classic overthinker trying to age gracefully while living with a big, too smart for his own good shelter pup who must have his daily walk.

5 thoughts on “Chester goes to camp and the third third…”

  1. Criminey, I came for Chester not a math lesson. Now you got trying to figure out thirds and trimesters and stuff. Anyhoo, Bigtime congratulations on your lovely daughter’s wedding which is almost as important as what Chester has been doing lately. Sorry to hear you didn’t dress him in tails (ha!) and make him a ring bearer. On the other hand, it’s hard to truly respect a dog who has had cat butt in his mouth – the stench lingers, you know. More tree house details please and …waht?…no photos of the interior? C’mon, man. Glad the Camp Bow Wow visitation worked out well. Now you use that as a threat anytime Chester misbehaves – “straighten up, Buster, or it’s back to Camp Bow Wow.” That should send chills through his sleepy bones.

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  2. Hi Martha, Just checking in to say congratulations on your family wedding! Pictures look beautiful. I really enjoy your writing. Keep it up🤓🥰

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